HP ePrinter Setup

You can now print you document just with a click all you need to know is your printers email ID and click send button.


Google Cloud Print

You can print from anywhere and at any time. just connect your printer to your tablet or your mobile. printing is now never a hardship.



Now airprint is more asy, you can use your apple devices. now it is easy to let your HP Airprint to print your documents more easier than before.

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123 HP Printer Software & Driver Setup and Install

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HP Envy

HP Envy with its sophisticated and polished façade is a home printer that assimilates characteristics like color print, copy, scan, photos and wifi support, along with automatic duplex printing and cloud printing. Driver Can be downloaded from


HP Officejet

HP Officejet with its sophisticated and polished façade is a home printer that assimilates characteristics like color print, copy, scan, photos and wifi support, along with automatic duplex printing and cloud printing.Driver Can be downloaded from


HP Deskjet

At an inexpensive price and combination of primary features like printing, scanning and copying, HP Deskjet is the ideal bet for small offices and businesses. It keeps printing simple and uncomplicated.


HP Officejet Pro

HP Officejet Pro is a prudently constructed high speed multifunctional printer with up-to-date features that guarantees unobstructedprinting and ultimate quality output. Ideal for companies that demandmulti-functionality and generous color printing

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We are a successful service provider who provides 24*7 trouble free service. We provide 100 percent clear solutions to your related HP Printer issues such as installation, connection and troubleshooting. We provide solution as quick as possible to help you meet your business demands. We are efficient, hard working and conscious in whatever we do. Our flexibility and hankering for perfection of our service are the main contributions to our success.

1. Importance of a printer driver download

When you purchase a printer, a CD comes along with the box. This contains all the drivers and softwares needed to be installed in the printer for the printer to be able to print.
However, soft wares are often updated. So we’ll never know what version of the software comes with the CD. It is always a good idea to install the latest software with all the recent updates. These updates will have the latest modifications, fixes and performance enhancements. HP has made its latest softwares available in So by installing the software from ensures that the product is up to date. There are also updates available, so even if you already have a software installed on your computer, the same software will be updated once you visit
Having an updated software increases the performance of your product. Some times, it even add new product features.
When you download new software from, your HP printer will work with full potential.

2. HP printer driver download from HP support website

HP software is updated frequently. So HP provides the facility to download softwares and drivers from website, so that your product is always up to date.
For downloading the latest printer, first go to the official HP website by typing or from your browser. You will be taken to a window.
From this window, you can either choose to identify your HP product automatically, or type in your model number.
If you choose to identify your product automatically, your computer needs an additional software for the same. You will be prompted to download that software. You can choose to continue. Then you can follow the instructions to download and install the HP detection software.
The product identification page detects all the HP products associated with your computer. Now your product will be displayed in the search results. Select your product from this list. All the sofwares and download associated with this product is listed below. If you click the ( + ) icon, you can view more items in that category. You can click on the details button to view more information about the item.
To install or update the software, click on the download button. Follow the instruction onscreen to download and then install the software or driver.

3.Location of important product information

It is necessary to know the model number and product number of your HP Printer.
Model number: This represents the components and features that define your product.
Product number: This identifies your HP product within a series.
Unique serial number: Serial number is unique to an individual product.
This information might be helpful when you visit website or for your product support.
Where to find my product location?
The most important location to find your product information is on its label.
The product label might be on its bottom, side , top, or its back.
If the label does not include your products model number, check the ink access areas of printers, or on the front or top of your HP product. After finding your model number, write it down and save it in a safe place.

4. HP support assistant’s automatic updates of software

HP support assistant can be downloaded from
After downloading it, go to settings. You will be prompted for choosing how to receive software updates from HP.
Choose the first option, that is, install important updates automatically when possible.
From the scheduling section, use the drop down menu to select the day and time when the updates should run. HP suggests scheduling the updates when the computer is on but not in use. Click Save. HP Support Assistant checks for and installs updates automatically during the day and time scheduled for updating.

123 HP Printer, We provide support for

123 HP Wireless Setup

We provide technical support on wireless setup and errors. We also help the user to join their printer wireless to the device and connect the printer to the local network. We also lend a hand to uphold a stable wireless connection with the printer.

123 HP AirPrint Setup

AirPrint is the alternative offered by HP solely for connecting any apple device. We give help and troubleshooting for any blunder that take place during AirPrint setup and printing procedure. We facilitate with enhancing the quality of the connection to your apple devices.

123 HP Cloud print Setup

Cloud print is a choice to connect your Google cloud directly to your 123 hp printer and print document or photo from any of your device that is linked to the wireless network. Our specialists assist you with print setting up the cloud account and cloud print setup.

123 HP ePrint Setup

ePrint is a web service that allow you to print any document straight by sending mail to the printer. Our technical experts help our users to set up a personalized email address for the 123 hp printer and connecting it to the wireless network.

123 HP Printer Wireless Setup


123 HP Wireless Setup wizard

If you have a wireless connection, you can connect any HP printer to the wireless network. An auto-run wireless wizard is provided by the 123 HP support to setup the printer. Auto installation would be prevented by this wireless setup wizard and it tosses the message. These blunders are mostly “Printer not found” or incompatible wireless connection. Our technical specialists assist our clients to sort out this issue and connect the printer to the wireless network or to the device wirelessly manually.


123 HP Wireless Protected Setup

The HP printers can also be connected to the device with a specific password. This protects the device from connecting to a new device or unknown device. Our professionals help you with this basic Wireless printer setup, Wireless Printer Installation, Wireless Password Setup, Wireless Printing and will also offer essential help to correct expected wireless connection and printer issues. This also has the common error of “Printer not found” or “Printer is offline”.


123 HP Auto Wireless Connect

After connecting the 123 HP printer to a wireless connection, Auto Connect can be enabled with software. HP auto wireless connection facilitates the printer to connect to a specified wireless connection every time it is turned on. If this element is not enabled, the printer has to be connected to the wireless network whenever it is switched on. Our skilled professionals provide necessary guidance to download the mandatory software and connect to a specific wireless network.


123 HP Connect using USB

HP printer can be connected wired to the device using USB cable. This is the basic setup for a printer. It is the USB can be connected to the device and can be used for 123 HP printer where wireless network is not available. This also obliges a basic driver installation to the device which is connected wired to the device. Our specialists lend a hand with the basic driver installation and also with the errors that arise during this installation.

123 HP Printer Support for operating systems such as

123 HP Printer Support for Windows operating system

123 HP support offer help for any device that utilize Windows OS from XP, 7, Vista to 10. offer help for connecting the device wired or wireless to the 123 hp printer. We also offer support with other utilities like Scanning, Copying and Faxing with diverse windows version.

123 HP Printer Support for MAC operating system

Our experts provide assistance for any query related to MAC OS and HP printer. We provide assistance on connectivity, printing, scanning, faxing and copying with HP printer which is connected to any Apple device. We also provide complete technical support for AirPrint feature with Apple devices

Mobile Printing solutions

We also offer technical support for connecting the printer to any smart phone and connecting the phone to the printer. We also provide assistance with downloading the app to the mobile and we assist to fix the errors that occur during the app installation or setup.

123 HP Wifi Connection - FAQ

Things you need to know:
1. Your network name (SSID - Service Set Identifier).
2. Your network password(the WEP key or WPA security passphrase).
Follow the steps below
1. After gathering the above information turn on your router, computer(PC) and your printer.
2. Now connect your personal computer to the wireless network by selecting the network from the list.
3. Now turn on your printer’s wireless connect and connect your printer to the same wireless network.
4. Make sure that your printer and your PC are connected on same wireless network.
5. Now your printer is ready for wireless printing.
In order to avoid wireless connectivity issues try the following procedures
1. Try restarting your PC and printer.
2. Check whether the printer and PC are connected to the same wireless network.
3. Keep your printer close to the router.
4. Check your computer’s firewall settings.
5. Avoid interference with other radio and wireless signals (e.g. cordless telephones, microwaves).
Follow the steps below 
1. Turn on your printer.
2. Go to your printer control panel network or wireless settings menu.
3. There you can find a wireless setup wizard.
4. Follow the on-screen instructions.
5. There you can type your network name and password to connect the printer to the network.

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